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Safeco 24

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Recent Safeco auto insurance reviews

Customer support Reviews & Ratings

Customer support 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I have only dealt with the insurance agent but he was absolutely great and a really nice guy. He was very easy to work with and made it easy to switch insurance.
Customer support 3 Star Reviews & Ratings
3 Stars
I've never had an occasion to interact with the customer service department of my insurer; I've never had a claim so I'm not sure what the process is or how the customer support handles claims.

Policy Offers Reviews & Ratings

Policy Offers 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
They offer extra coverage like if you lose your key they will cover towing to get a new one made.
5 Stars
I'm not really sure how my policy compares to other companies; I have the legally required amount of insurance for my state, and the price is fair. I'm sure other insurers offer similar coverage at similar prices; I'm not particularly concerned with shopping around for a better rate.

Premium Reviews & Ratings

Premium 4 Star Reviews & Ratings
4 Stars
It is relatively cheap for this car. It was less than what Progressive offered with a lower deductible and had extra services added. So I am pleased with the premium, but I would like it to be cheaper.
Premium 3 Star Reviews & Ratings
3 Stars
I'm not sure how my premium compares to other available insurers; I don't really care to shop around for a better rate, and I don't think the price I currently play is excessive.

Accessibility Reviews & Ratings

Accessibility 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I have an agent and he was very easy to reach and to talk to. I enjoyed working with him. There is also an app which makes things easy.
5 Stars
Outside of purchasing my policy and paying for the premiums, I've never had any interaction with my insurance company. I've never had an accident or filed a claim.

Overall Reviews & Ratings

Overall 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
I got contacted by someone from them and they offered me a better policy for cheaper than what I already had. The guy was very friendly and they were a well-known company so I switched to them.
5 Stars
I selected Safeco as it was recommended to me by my insurance agent, and the monthly price to insure my vehicle isn't outrageous.

Overall Company Reviews & Ratings

Overall Company 5 Star Reviews & Ratings
5 Stars
They had a great agent and was friendly. Their app is nice, and the company has a good reputation and has been around for a while. I have not had to file a claim but I have had no problems so far.
5 Stars
I found an insurer that offers a policy that meets the legal requirements of my state to insure a vehicle. Beyond that, I really don't care one way or the other about my insurance company, I'm sure they're all similar in terms of cost and benefit provided.
5 Stars
I have not found anything to dislike about the company. I only switched to them 6 months ago, but they were easy to work with and I have had no issues.
5 Stars
I suppose the only thing I dislike about the company is being required to pay premiums, but as that is a requirement of any insurance I can't let myself be too upset.
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