Pansop is a knowledge sharing site where anybody on the internet can contribute and edit knowledge on a topic that they have an interest in. Ease of editing and contribution is one of the key aims of the service. We hope that by making it really easy, we can help technology novices who are experts in a specific area contribute to the knowledge of this world.

While creating & spreading knowledge is a long & continuous journey, we have started by making it easy to add a few simple types of knowledge. The first is an easy to edit & update knowledge list. Most people find it difficult to be a wordsmith and edit or add to entire articles even if they are experts at a topic. We hope that by making it list driven and micro-chunking the knowledge, we can offer the building blocks of a more comprehensive knowledge service. For more details on how the knowledge list system works, please see this brief explanation.

The second which is a continuation of the micro-chunking knowledge theme is that we make it easy for people to share specific knowledge about services and products that people use in their everyday lives. For example, Home Insurance is a service that most people need to buy as part of their regular lives. By sharing knowledge on those services, such as pricing and terms of buying insurance, we can build interesting aggregated data sets and knowledge bases that everybody can benefit from.

Pansop will be an evolving service with the goal to spread knowledge to everybody in the world.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any feedback or have ideas on making our service better.