List of resources managing sales organizations.

  1. Kwindla Hultman Kramer's Advise
    Here is a great list of things to focus on from Kramer.

    1. First Things First — Embrace the Cultural Shift from engineering to sales
    2. Sales is Not Bizdev — Give Your Salespeople a Clean Slate and a New Job
    3. Sales is Not Marketing — Don’t Expect Salespeople to Generate Their Own Leads.
    4. Before You Hire a VP of Sales, Hire Two Salespeople For the CEO to Manage Directly
    5. Before You Hire Your Third Salesperson, Find a VP of Sales You Love
    6. Optimize for Sales/Marketing Tension Rather than Sales/Product or Sales/Finance Tension
  2. Brad Feld's Advise
  3. Selling an enterprise-wide deal is a lot like getting a bill passed in Congress

    But as many startups discover to their horror — after they “land” users and try to “expand” to more departments in a large company or government agency — this is far from the truth. Even with early viral growth, SaaS products don’t sell themselves. Strong enterprise sales is critical to capturing market share.

    Because selling an enterprise-wide deal is a lot like getting a bill passed in Congress.

    Decision-making in large organizations is a long, tortuous process due to legacy technology deployments, internal politics, entrenched homegrown solutions, sunk cost of integrations, account control by incumbent vendors, and the sheer size and scale involved. In many ways, the purpose of enterprise sales is about helping customers get through their own internal buying processes. Even the best and most popular product can’t make a typical enterprise buyer change the way it does procurement.
  4. Jason Lemkin on SAAS Sales
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