List of blogs which talk about python. Its not in any order
This is a part of Python Knowledge and Resources List

  1. Random bytes on technology and open source
  2. Abhinays Code Blog
  3. Swaroop CH
  4. S Anand
  5. Noetic Nought
  6. Random Stream
  7. who is arun
  8. Anand Chitipotu
  9. Jugad2
  10. var log mind
  11. Core Dump
  12. Programmers notebook
  13. Baiju Muthukadans Blog
  14. Jeethus Blog
  15. VijayKumar BraveGNU Blog
  16. Zilogic Systems Python Blog
  17. AvilPage - ChillarAnands Python Blog
  18. Fosshelp Python, OpenStack, Django
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